Sunday, March 1, 2015

Poetry Corner: Exams

Those wretched, awful, horrible things
with razor-sharp teeth and ink-black wings.

The time is oh so nigh
so listen to my warning cry.
Exams, exams, they're on the way.
They'll ruin more than just one day.

Quick, get the books.
No second looks.
Lock yourself up tight
and study until late in the night.
The day has come,
the time is now
I must pass these things without have a cow.
I must. But how?

You awful, wretched, evil things
As I numbly stare at you on my desk
I expect you to magically sprout wings,
and fly away you little pesk.

This poem still makes me laugh. I have always hated testing. Recently I had to take a continuing education course and an exam after, and I still hate the stupid things!

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