Monday, February 11, 2013

New in 2013

Well, now, 2013 has been interesting so far, and the darn year just started!!!

In January, I published my debut novel, The Hunters.

Here are the links where you can buy it! (Kindle) (All other e-readers) (Paperback)

Unfortunately, my launch was interrupted by a move all the way across country! My husband got a job out West and when we arrived the house we are renting had a major flood. The owners have been great on getting the repairs done as quickly as possible, but we have been camping out for a large part of  it and my work room was one of the rooms that suffered the most damage. Fortunately, I am quite ingenius and have found creative ways to get back to work whenever possible!

Which is very important because in March Soul Star is launching another novel, a very exciting sci-fi mid-grade novel by world-renowned Windsor chair expert and word smith Mike Dunbar! I am working hard on that project as well as trying to launch (or re-launch, if you will) The Hunters.

As a matter of fact, in February, in honor of Valentine's Day, the day of love, I am running a special promotion and half of the proceeds from all of my books: The Hunters, Royal Prince Vince, and Creative Exercises to Inspire  will be donated to Locks of Love (along with 15 inches of my hair, which I cut off this weekend. I'll have a video of the chop project up soon!)

So if you love the idea of killing vampires, pick up The Hunters.
If you have a little loved one that you want a great children's book for, pick up Royal Prince Vince.
If you or someone you love wants to get in touch with your inner Creative, pick up Creative Exercises to Inspire. 

By doing so, you will help other people's loved ones through Locks of Love!

Until Next Time,

Keep Writing!