Monday, October 22, 2012

America's Next Author

Hello my lovelies! Been super busy and the blog has gotten neglected. Sorry for that!

So, what have I been up to? Well, working hard on getting Hunters to publication, of course! I have also been helping a couple other authors with marketing, expanding my social media kingdom, and trying to generate buzz for The Hunters!

One of the ways I am generating buzz is that I entered an excerpt of The Hunters in a writing contest, America's Next Author.  This writing contest is a pretty cool new concept, in that it is driven by reader's votes.

Yes, you guys get to decide who is the best author, not some unknown (probably stodgy) panel of people who the industry thinks are experts on the written word. (Not that we don't love experts!)

The competition does have a panel of reviewers (they call them a jury) who will add in a handful of stories that they deem deserving, but that did not get enough votes to survive the cut. (I am certain that they do not look like stodgy folks at all!) You can see more about them at 

And although, I hope that they will pick The Hunters, I would feel better and safer, if all of you were so kind as to go out and vote! I would prefer that you vote for The Hunters (You can do so here!)

But this is such a neat concept, and really deserves to gain some ground, so even if you don't vote for The Hunters, come out and vote for some author you deem worthy! The other contestants are here . Crazy thought, please don't start with the first story. Of course, most of you won't read 242 stories, but bounce around in the rankings and give a variety of authors a shot!

 It is time for the publishing industry to take more consideration of the thoughts and opinions of their clients, YOU, the readers! This contest will demonstrate that readers do care!

Thanks so much!

and until next time,

Keep Writing!