Monday, November 9, 2015

Rebounding from Was it a Midlife Crisis

So, here is a response to a handful of concerned friends about how I am coping after that post.

No, I am not giving up. But I am re-evaluating a lot of things in my life and making some pretty big changes as need be.

I am not going to run off with some hot Brazilian pilot, (We just watched Inside out, and TOOO funny!!) or buy a sports car (though getting my husband's '94 Mustang fixed up is on my list of to-dos.)

But I have done a lot of thinking about why I am so unhappy. I think a lot of it is because my needs are not being met, first and foremost by me. I have changed jobs to help with that. I was just really unhappy at my sales job and the time it took away from everything else was creating so much stress. The new job has had a lot of stress: Learning a new system, re-learning how to work from home, re-training people on Mom having to work from home.

But already, I am finding time to take care of me and my needs. I am going back to the drawing board and re-configuring plans for those things I still want. I have time to do that! It is wonderful.

I already get the feeling that this work will be much more fulfilling than my last job, because I will have more control over the outcomes of projects, and will actually be creating something. I have really missed that. My ability to do my job well will solely be based on me. No more hoping, waiting, and talking people into buying stuff.

Wow. Just writing that makes me feel more accomplished!

So, whether this is a midlife crisis, a crisis of spirit, seasonal depression taking root early, or just being worn down from all of the stress; sometimes the best answer is to make a change.

Mine was a big change, change of job. It was something that was in transition for over a month because my husband was terrified about me going back to contract work, but a couple weeks after leaving my job I think we are all seeing that this was a good call.

What do you feel like you need to change in your life? Do you have a plan?  Let me know in the comments below.

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