Sunday, September 8, 2013

Soul Star at Salt Lake Comic Con

Hello Lovelies! Things have been so crazy lately trying to get ready for Comic Con and planning a blog hop (for this month) for Elements of a Broken Mind that I didn't realize until just now that the blog posts I had written in advance never posted for you guys! I am so sorry about that! I'll make sure they get posted soon.

But first, an update on how the con went! We had an AMAZING three days!

Our table was jam packed with great books from yours truly (I had Royal Prince Vince, which sold like hot cakes, and The Hunters which didn't do too badly. Author signings are one of a geek's favorite things! To be able to say and prove that we found it first is kind of a hobby of ours!) We also had Mike Dunbar's Hampton Summit and Lost Crew books, along with some fabulous bookmarks designed by moi and gorgeous necklaces themed for the books designed and created by Lisa Heckrotte. Author Gus Gallows had his new release of The Price of Honor there (which doesn't technically release until tomorrow, I believe, so those con-goers got pre-copies. Like I said, we love to find it first!) along with some more gorgeous bookmarks.  Last but not least, we had some mean-looking stakes designed by Fury herself, to represent The Hunters, and a stunning Psychic Eye pendent as merch. for Elements of a Broken Mind. Here is a great picture taken by my husband of just some of the products we had.

 We thought we were prepared, but no one was prepared for Salt Lake's 1st Comic Con to have record-breaking attendance! We had over 60,000 attendees (As compared to New York's first Comic Con where there were only 33,000). It was packed!

 The fire marshal threatened to shut the event down on three separate occasions.  Talk about a little bit stressful! But we found time to have a little fun, while pitching our wares.

Like when I saw the BEST Ichigo ever and just had to get a picture with him, sales be hanged!

Or when the Mystery team rolled in (I think that Fred had to wait with Scooby outside, as we were already WAY past capacity!)

Despite the fun, our main focus was on making enough money to pay for the con table and lunch. Sadly, we were not the only ones: 

But our comic con geeks did not let us down! They showed that although they love reading picture books, real books are almost as good. We made enough to cover our overhead and lure us to possibly renting another booth next year!

Were you at SLC's comic Con this year? What did you think of it? Did you get a chance to come by and say hi? Do you want to see us there next year as well? Let us know your answers to these questions in the comments below!

And for those of you who saw something you liked in our merch, the books are all available on Smashwords and you can get the link to their paperbacks on their individual books pages on Smashwords. The other snifty merch will be up on my website in the next couple of days.

Look forward to exciting bloghop news for Elements of a Broken Mind tomorrow!

(And I apologize now for the probably numerous errors in this blogpost, but homegirl did not get enough sleep in the last month. Don't worry, you will survive a few comma splices and grammar pain. At least, I will! I got a picture with Ichigo, everything is right in my world!)

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