Monday, September 30, 2013

Final Post for Elements Blog Hop, one last goodie!!

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for participating in the Elements of a Broken Mind Blog Hop this month! It was a wonderful success, with lots of wonderful interviews, reviews, and fun!

The rafflecopter was a wonderful success, and our three winners are Chris Allen, Justin Schiavone and Rose Wallin. But this was the most successful Rafflecopter I have ever held, with 76 entries! As a special thank you to each of you who entered, followed along on our blog hop, or at least tried; I have a special gift for each of you!

For this week, you can order the paperback of Elements of a Broken Mind through Createspace and using this code CAUMHNJK, you will get $5.00 off the book price! So instead of $11.99, it will only be $6.99! What a great deal!

If you prefer to read from your e-reader, then fear not, we have a special offer for you too. Again, for this week only, if you go and buy the book on Smashwords, and enter this code: ZS57N you will get the book 1/2 off. That is right, for only $2.00 It is available in pretty much any e-reader format that you could need.

Thank you again for participating in this wonderful and fun blog hop! Hope you enjoy the fun goodies and I look forward to seeing you for my next one!

Until next time,
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