About Heidi Angell

I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a friend, I am a daughter, I am a sister. I am me. Sometimes I lose sight of that last one.
I am a dreamer, I am a realist, I am opinionated, and I love to learn. I am eclectic, I am passionate, I am creative, and I refuse to be stopped.
And yet… I am scared, I am alone, I am beating my head against a brick wall.
I don’t want to chase the almighty dollar, but I’ve got to keep the children fed. I am a blogger, a saleswoman, an editor, a book cover designer, a layout editor, a copywriter, a hundred jobs, most of which don’t pay the bills.
I write, I fight, I resist the urge to take flight to a world with less struggle and heartbreak.
I am a balancing act, a conundrum, and waiting to either fall or fly high.
I. Am. An. Author.
On this blog, you will mostly see posts about my writing and publishing adventures, what I am reading, watching, thoughts on the wonky world we live in. I try (key word there.) To post three times a week, but occasionally will go weeks without posting when life gets crazy.... which is surprisingly often! 

I hope you subscribe and join me on this wild ride!

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