Monday, February 28, 2011

On Editing

So, this week you will see some editing pages being added to my blog pages. The reason for this is that I do provide editing services. Editing is a tricky service to provide, because it is not simply correcting grammatical and spelling errors. (Who needs that, if you've got Microsoft, right?!?!?) The key to editing is helping a person build on their craft while still remaining true to themselves. For example, my husband has me proof his papers. His style of writing is VERY different from mine. If I would suggest that he use "big" words, when he does not use big words in real life, then his work is no longer his own. If I made proposals to "improve" his content that would take away from his unique style, then the paper would no longer be his own. As an editor it is important to remember that our services must specifically be tailored to each project and that we must pay attention to that individual's charm and perspective, because that is what makes their work unique!!

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